What we do

Enterprise Applications

Most of the products that we build are enterprise-level quality products from standpoint of both system quality attributes like availability, scala-bility, reliability, security and much more as well as user experience, development platforms and processes.

Mobile Development

We do native mobile application development for platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone as well as cross-platform implementation or pure HTML app. We have experience building modern applications that operates with terabytes of big data on back-end, process them in real-time, integrates with multiple data sources including social networks and provide convenient user interface right at your mobile device.

Web Applications

We have huge experience with building web applications specifically with using SaaS model of business and robust architecture that will minimize implementation risks and decrease the cost for operations, upgrade and time to market.

Architecture Design

Well-designed architecture is key for implementation success. We like Agile methods, but we prefer to start from Sprint-0 and well- founded solid architecture that will be a robust foundation for rapid development and will decrease the time for implementation changes and maintenance. Our approach is to start from Big Picture and analysis of the system from multiple sides including interoperability, extensibility, manageability and much more. We think that the time spent on initial analysis, architecture and design will be well paid-off during later stages.

Quality Assurance

Our principle is prevention over inspection so we build product with having quality in mind relaying on best industry standards and approaches. Our QA approaches starts from building the right process, designing critical quality attributes and work on constant improvements of the process. Not only it allows to build a quality products, but also speed-up development time and mini-mize the impact of changes. Our approach is to keep the balance between unit testing, integration testing, functional automated testing and manual testing in order to achieve the designed quality with minimum efforts.


Java platform

  • JEE, JBoss, Tomcat, WebLogic
  • Spring, Hibernate, WebSphere
  • Jackson, Maven, Ant, Eclipse

Web UI

  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript/CoffeeScript
  • Backbone.js, AngularJS, ExtJS
  • Telerik, Kendo UI

.Net Platform

  • Asp.Net, MVC 3.0
  • .NET 4
  • NInject, Rabbit MQ, Entity Framework

Data Warehouse, BI & BigData

  • Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Infobright, HP Vertica, MySQL
  • SSIS, Pentaho, Talend, Pervasive
  • MongoDB, Hadoop, Hive, H-Base


  • Android, Apple/iOS, Windows Phone
  • PhoneGap, Titanium, Xamarin
  • Axure, Balsamic, Fluid


  • DevOps (CFEngine, Ubuntu Juju Git, Mercurial, SVN, Perforce)
  • C/C++, Embedded
  • Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Groovy/Grails

How we work

The right models

What we start from is definition of the best outsourcing model that address the customer needs. We can take full ownership on both development process and business requirements or just provide staff augmentation for existing team. Nevertheless, regardless of the model we always build long-term partnership on transparency, trust & professionalism. Therefore, our recommended approach is team extension rather than fixed price since we want to provide maximum transparency and flexibility for the customer and share still providing ownership and responsibility for the success. With team extension, the supplier provides a remote dedicated core team with the look, feel and behavior of the customer’s own engineering center. The supplier also controls team health and progress while the customer’s teams drive product vision and top-level resource planning.

The right process

There is no one shoe fits all sizes neither there is one single process that should be used. At Hybrid-Soft we have experience building very prescriptive process like RUP, XP, PMI-based or very adaptive like Scrum or Kanban.Still nowadays, the demand of IT is leaning toward more Agile and Lean approaches as they allow better addressing the need of changing business decreasing time to market of every new release. Our approach at HybridSoft is to start from the Big Picture and building solid design during Sprint-0 and then move with iterative agile approach. We feel it is important to understand the objectives and customize the team, processes, tools and communications for each unique client.

The best people

People are the key to success. Our people is our best asset. We select only best engineers based on exceptional system programming skills, proven software development track record, creativity and strong analytical skills. We do rigorous people selection resulting in only best 20% receiving an offer to join. Almost all of our engineers have master’s degree or higher.


ISV & Technology

New trends to handle and analyze giant massive of data shift the software industry to radically new approaches of deploying and delivering services. We have strong experience to operate in BigData environment and migrate on premise products to SaaS & Cloud.


Healthcare industry exposes a change with focus firmly on improving the quality of care delivered. HybridSoft is doing our part in shifting the healthcare system towards greater efficiency.

Banking & Finance

HybridSoft worked with leading investment banks, retail banking, investment funds and financial services providers from Ukraine & Russia. Financial Services is one of the most regulated industry in the world.


Our experts has proven track record to build optimized solutions across Retail eco-system including workflow optimization, e-commerce & m-commerce payment & transaction solutions, and leveraged predictive analytics in solutions that enhance the customer experience.

Travel & Hospitality

HybridSoft broad experience with all segments of the travel industry, from a firm grasp on how real travel works to an in-depth knowledge of both legacy and contemporary technology, provides the ideal qualifications for your technology partnership.


HybridSoft has huge experience in configuration management, embedded software, application development, operations intelligence, security appliances, network monitoring and much more.

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